Aviation and Security

The Aviation and Security Division comprises of our corporate management with over thirty years of experience, backed by a team of technically competent professionals. The mission of our Division is offering innovative solutions for cost effective operations of our clients. Our commitment is towards customer satisfaction through state-of-art  products of international standards, assured warranty on products we offer, on time delivery within available budgets, with sufficient spare parts and user-friendly training and maintenance support.

 Our Customer base has been growing at a steady pace. Our clients include Directorate of Civil Aviation, Kuwait Ministry of Defence (KMoD), Kuwait Air Force, Kuwait Ministry of Interior.

 Aviation Weather: We provide premium class solutions for all weather-related requirements - through a synergy of latest technology and most accurate measurement equipment combined with professional staff. The division offers systems, services and solutions to improve the safety of aviation and sea traffic and to meet the weather observation needs of meteorological institutes, land and water management authorities, and defense forces. Our division believes in value creation for our customers by improving the performance of current operations, lowering life cycle costs, or tackling a particular problem.

 Flight Avionics and EW systems:  Our solutions are varied everything from mission recording systems, digital map systems and multi-function displays to servos, gyros and precision mechanics. Tactical Support Systems, Logistics and Maintenance are all included in the overall responsibility of our airborne systems. Besides this, we also offer a full spectrum of solutions in EW Systems, including RWR/ESM systems, jammers, integrated EW suites, countermeasures dispensers.

 Voice and Data Communication Systems : We offer Communication and Information Systems for safety-critical applications for Air Traffic Management, Defence, Maritime Communications, and Digital mobile radio communications (TETRA). With superior technology with highest fail-safety, rapid connection set-up and flexibility and networking capabilities for various client requirements, our solutions are second to none.

 Homeland Security : This comprises of NBC Systems, Public Safety Communication Systems and surveillance systems used in disaster management.

 Training systems: Simulation systems for training home security personnel, for aircraft and helicopters.

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