Construction Chemicals & Specialty Products

Virtus X-Calibur is the Kuwait based licensee of the US Corporation., X-Calibur Construction Systems Inc. The company will focus exclusively on the manufacture and supply of specialist products for the construction industry. Virtus X-Calibur is now poised to launch the complete range of X-Calibur products in early 2007. The products being supplied will cover:-

  • Restoration Mortars - for carrying out permanent water tight repairs,  repair leaks and spalls, concrete reapirs of marine structures, bridges, carparks and  pavements, below grade structural restoration of concrete and waste water structures and boding agents
  • Coating Systems comprising of high performance Polyurea systems, epoxy coatings, roof  restoration products, general purpose waterproof coatings, flooring systems
  • Joint Sealants & Joint Ancillaries - sealants for expansion & construction joints, control joints and horizontal movement joints in concrete
  •  Grouts & Adhesives-anchor grouts, civil engg. Grouts, injection grouts, cementitious tile adhesives, epoxy adhesive
  • Waterproofing systems- polyurethane water proofing membranes, cementitious crystalline coatings, asphalt emulsions for damp proofing, Bitumen membranes
  • Waterproofing- anti-corrossive pipe wrapping tapes, hydrophilic waterstops, PVC waterstops and water proofing admixtures for concrete
  • Surface treatment products- Water based curing compounds, Oil based form release agents and emulsions,runway and floor rubber removers, Concrete remover and etch. Rebar connectors.

X-Calibur's major areas of expertise is concrete and have a wide range of products that are designed to enhance and maximize the performance of concrete and prevent its decay. Restoration of damaged concrete, protection and waterproofing are other specialty areas.

With qualified engineers, chemists, technologists and other superbly qualified workforce, X-Calibur is fully geared to provide the highest level of technical and professional advice through its licensees to its discerning customers worldwide.

All of X-Calibur's products are manufactured with the end user in mind. With continuous and on-going product development and research programs, more and more innovative products are expected to be added into its extensive portfolio of products.  X-Calibur has also the resource and expertise to develop products to suit customized requirements and even provide specialist applicators under it 'supply and apply' program.

From Planning through completion, X-Calibur has a reputation for expertise and excellent service and are able to render assistance at any stage during the project. X_Calibur can provide expert advice on technical queries, assistance on problem solving and guidance on system selection and use. X-Calibur can also provide direct assistance for specific repair and refurbishment projects and render on-site support including planning, inspection, monitoring & training. Technical seminars can be arranged on request. 
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