Mapping Services

  1. Aerial Photography by direct capture of images in digital format, assisted with ABGPS, IMU and INS.

  2. Acquisition of high-resolution satellite imagery.

  3. Automated Digital Elevation Models

  4. Aerial Triangulation of the digital Images

  5. GPS assisted Ground control points

  6. Ortho photo creation

  7. Thematic Mapping

  8. Corridor surveys

Among the mapping projects implemented by us in Kuwait, during the past ten years, we would like to specially mention

  1. The creation of 2 D digital data base for Kuwait Municipality, using Analytical Photogrammetric devises.

  2. Development and installation of a 3D digital data base in Kuwait Municipality by state of the art soft copy photogrammetric methods.

  3. Hydrographic and Electronic Navigation Charts update for Ministry of Communication Kuwait.

  4. Training on the preparation of hydrographic navigation charts.


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