e-Pathology Solutions

Leica Biosystems (Previously Aperio)

Leica Biosystems is a global leader in laboratory workflow solutions for anatomic pathology, striving to advance cancer diagnostics to improve patients lives. Recognizing there is a shortage of Pathology expertise worldwide, Leica Biosystems expanded its capability in pathology imaging with Aperio ePathology Solutions, enabling greater access for Pathologists through market leading whole slide scanners, Network solutions that enable remote, real-time viewing and easy distribution of images for collaboration, and Precision image analysis solutions to improve clinical and research productivity, reproducibility, and consistency.


The Aperio Digital Pathology Environment, composed of ScanScope slide scanning systems and eSlideManager digital pathology information management software, improves the efficiency and quality of pathology services for pathologists and other professionals. Their scanners create a digital image of an entire microscope slide at giga-pixel resolution in minutes, with inherently superior image quality. Their management software provides a consolidated view of relevant case information -- anywhere, anytime -- and with workflow tools to improve the quality and efficiency of pathology services.



Scanscope AT

The 400-slide, rapid sustained throughput ScanScope AT is ideally suited for high-volume organizations interested in improving turnaround time such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes.


Scanscope CS

With a five-slide capacity, the ScanScope CS is a multipurpose system ideal for medium-volume sites

eSlide Manager- Digital Pathology information Management

eSlideManager is the most comprehensive, web-based digital pathology information management system developed for advanced visualization, digital slide viewing, conferencing, workflow management, data archival, intelligent retrieval, and image analysis. It enables the user to achieve the following Goals :

  • Save time and money with remote, web-based access to digital images

  • Improve quality of digital pathology data by correlating digital slide images, gross images, and associated data

  • Improve workflow from data entry to reports through barcoded slides and interfaces with laboratory information systems

  • Meet compliance standards, with security and data auditing from the scanner to the database

  • Improve digital microscopic image review and analysis by viewing multiple images simultaneously

  • Increase image analysis throughput with batch image analysis

  • Foster collaborative interpretation and peer review with digital slide conferencing capabilities, and increase efficiency of QA by providing on-line image quality review

  • Augment intelligent data retrieval of images using user-defined search criteria

  • Save time and money with remote, web-based access to digital images

  • Save time and money with remote, web-based access to digital images


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